“Sex is as important as eating or drinking and we ought to allow the one appetite to be satisfied with as little restraint or false modesty as the other." —Marquis De Sade

A Marvel ABO (Alpha/Beta/Omega!verse) roleplay. Canon up to Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Some posts will be NSFW.



Kink Bingo Wrap-up!

We are officially under the 48 hour mark until the Kink Bingo finale! Since the game’s about to finish, here’s how the rest of the game is going to go down:

  • All active Kink Bingo threads will be cut off at midnight US Central time on Friday, August 1st. This means that posts after then will not be considered toward fulfilling a square. The threads can continue and we highly encourage you to wrap them at your own pace, if you want.
  • To fulfill a square, the thread must either be complete OR progressed enough to establish their kinks. This means that even if a thread is unfinished, as long as every kink for that thread is at least established the square will still count toward a bingo.
  • A thread list submission form will be opened up and posted to the main when threads are cut off on August 1st. The admins will go through the list of threads you want considered for your bingo, and the winners will be announced here on the main on Sunday, August 3rd. We will be announcing any bingos, top thread total, and a few other top spots sometime during the afternoon.

If you have any questions or comments (or see something I missed… because I probably did miss something), feel free to drop a message here on the main or to one of the admins on Skype. We’ll see you on Friday! -Eri


is kim jong un a good fc?


Admin Update - July 6, 2014

Good LORD, has it been a busy couple of months!

Kink Bingo 2k14

We’re a month into this year’s Kink Bingo, and the cards are starting to line up pretty nicely, from the looks of the dash. A few people are already one square away from their first bingo, so get going on those threads if you wanna claim the title of first Kink Bingo! When we make the announcement with the first bingo, we’ll give you a short list of the up-and-coming contenders for the second spot.

Reminder to everyone that’s playing KB this year - there’s prizes up for grabs! Send the admins an update on your thread status whenever you can so we can keep track of who’s in the lead!

Main Page Overhaul

Some of you might have already noticed that the main page looks radically different from how it did even a month ago. There’s more to the overhaul than just looks! The FAQ and Rules have been revised and expanded, our Main Navigation got a major face-lift and some shiny new links, and we have not one, but two new content pages:

  • The Status List is the new go-to place for when you’re curious about if someone’s open. This is also the best place to check if you’re interested to see if a character is being requested by a roleplayer.
  • The Active Roster is our new links section for all active MD profiles.

The last section that’s getting redone is our character profiles, so please pardon any broken links or scrambled posts you come across within the profiles posts. We’re migrating 30+ profiles to a new format on a new page, so please bear with us!

Inactivity Checks

We’ve reached the gritty bit of the announcements. The admins will be doing activity checks on all profiles this coming week, and any profiles or roleplayers that have been inactive for more than two weeks without hiatus notice will be receiving removal notices by Monday, July 7th. Once these go out, if there is no response by the following Monday (July 14th) those roleplayers and profiles will be removed from MD and their characters will be reopened.

We hate cutting people loose. We really do. It’s not fun for anyone, but it’s necessary to keep us active as a group. If you’re having issue keeping up with the dash or need to take a break, please drop us a line. You’re awesome and we love you and we want you around. <3

10K Hits Giveaway

Now that that nasty bit of business is done, let’s wrap this up with something everyone loves - free stuff!

We’re rapidly closing in on 10,000 hits here on the main (we were at 9,5-something last time I checked), and since that’s a pretty frickin’ awesome milestone to hit we’re gonna throw something at your face in return for putting up with ours! Follow the tag #mdgiveaway for more announcements, or check back here on Tuesday, July 8th for the big post on what we’re gonna be throwing at you.

Aaaand that’s it! If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or nonsensical whimsy you’d like to get off your chest, feel free to drop by our Ask box and let us know! -Eri

Steve Rogers is officially back on the Open list!


I wanted to know whether or not Loki Laufeyson is available.

Loki is indeed open and available! :) -Eri

Steve Rogers is officially on reserve for the next 48 hours!

Stay tuned for a possible new member joining the ranks soon!

Matthew Murdock ✖ Thirty-Two ✖ Omega ✖ Lawyer ✖ Eddie Redmayne
Blog - dd-daredevil

✖ Biography

Matthew “Matt” Michael Murdock was born in Hell’s Kitchen on 24 November to Margaret Grace Murdock, a religiously devout woman who would later abandon her infant son soon after his birth. Leaving behind a small, silver rosary as a token of remembrance, she left the child in the care of her husband, a professional heavy-weight boxing champion by the name of Jonathan “Jack” Murdock, and dedicated herself to the life of a nun under the alias “Sister Maggie”. Matt grew up believing that his mother had died during childbirth – he kept the rosary in his pockets at all times and obeyed his father to the best of his abilities, exhibiting the patience of a saint when it came to dealing with the man’s unprovoked abuses. At the young age of twelve, Matt took note of a blind man walking into the path of a speeding truck, and he did not hesitate to risk his life by running out into the street to push the man to safety. Matt lost his eyesight when the truck overturned and spilt its radioactive contents, but he soon realised that his senses of hearing, smell, taste, and touch had been exponentially elevated in exchange. Alongside those effects, he had also developed a fully functional, echolocation-esque Radar Sense that allowed him to “see” without the use of his eyes. Matt took up the persona of Daredevil at this time.

Matt worked diligently to put himself through school with intentions of becoming a lawyer, entering university at the top of his class. Finding a friend in Franklin “Foggy” Nelson, the two transferred from Columbia Law School to Harvard, graduated, and worked to establish their own private law practice. They hired a reasonably skilled, highly attractive legal assistant by the name of Karen Page, a Beta who successfully captured the hearts of both men with very little effort. She fell in love more so with Matt than with Foggy, the relationship surprisingly causing very little tension to erupt between the two friends. Sooner than perhaps he initially should have, Matt shared his secret identity with Karen and began involving her in increasingly large amounts of danger; when she left Hell’s Kitchen for Los Angeles in order to pursue her dreams of an acting career, Matt did not stop her. As time passed, Karen’s dreams began to progressively crumble, her acting career ending after several pornographic films and a heroin addiction.

Desperate to rebuild her life, she sold out Daredevil’s secret identity and used the money to return to Hell’s Kitchen, returning to Matt with an apology and the hopes that he would forgive her for her betrayal – he welcomed her back with open arms, and the two began bonding regularly with the intent to eventually get married and start a family. Unfortunately, neither’s happiness would last for much longer. Believing herself to have contracted AIDS from her days as a porn star, Karen sent Matt into a spiralling depression fuelled by fear and uncertainty; he closed his law practices and took an extended hiatus, temporarily abandoning his life as Daredevil. Bullseye, the assassin, saw this as the opportune moment to permanently cripple the vigilante – he killed Karen Page soon after she had renewed a bond with Matt. Matt crumbled immediately. To make matter worse, the press soon got a hold of Daredevil’s secret identity and Matt’s entire world came crashing down alongside his failing psychological health. After some time spent hiding in a church, he managed to rise up from the ashes, publically denying the claims of him being Daredevil, suing the paper, reopening his law business, and now continuing to fight off the crime of Hell’s Kitchen as Daredevil.

✖ Relationships

The Fantastic Four – Listed amongst the most prominent of Matt Murdock’s many clients are the names of the members of the Fantastic Four: Doctor Reed Richards, Susan Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm. Having acted as their legal representative, more so Johnny’s over all others, multiple times over the years, Matt has formed an incredibly close and trusting bond with the group. Despite this, they remain blissfully unaware that Matt and Daredevil are one and the same person, though some suspicions might possibly have been aroused as Matt has occasional troubles with pretending to be blinder than he actually is.

Peter Parker – Spider-Man and Daredevil are two masked heroes on rather friendly terms with one another, often trading words of wisdom and legal advice when the timing is appropriate. Peter knows that Daredevil is Matt Murdock, but Matt refuses to allow Spider-Man to reveal his secret identity. Daredevil’s Radar Sense is more highly tuned and sensitive than that of the Spider-Sense, Daredevil being abut to see in a full 360 degrees, 150 yards circle without any concentrated effort. Daredevil’s sense of equilibrium and balance is also higher than that of Spider-Man’s.

✖ Interview

So, how did you wind up here?

“New York is where I live. I know this city better than almost every person living in it. I can see things that normal people can’t. I can help people, and that’s what I’ve been doing – helping people. There are a lot of groups of heroes out there and I might just be one man, but I’m making an impact and that’s all the matters. Maybe one of those groups will see it, maybe they won’t. All that matters is that I’m making a difference in a way that others can’t.”

What were you doing before all of this?

“For a long time, I didn’t know what to do. I was… Blinded by grief and I couldn’t see a way out. I was scared and my life had just all of its meaning. I hid in a church for a while – I didn’t know where else to go. I just knew I had to get away from everyone and everything that reminded me of Karen. I can still feel the minute traces of her bond when I… I’m fine…”

And what exactly have you been up to recently?

“I’m back to doing what it is that I’ve always done – I’m helping people again. I’m doing what Karen would have wanted… I’m recovering and I’ve been moving on, maybe not as quickly as I should, but I’m getting there. I’ve reopened my law business. It’s just me and Foggy now, but I’m no longer just surviving. I’m living.”

Kurt Wagner ✖ Twenty-six ✖ Beta ✖ Pirate ✖ Nicholas Brendon
Blog - captainbluetail

✖ Biography

-Kurt’s adoptive mother and older son were kicked out of their family for taking in a demon child. They ended up joining with a circus where Kurt became a sideshow freak as he got older. Eventually his frightful appearance was scoffed by customers claiming it a fake. When his show went bad, he would be beaten. During one beating, his powers kicked in and his ability to teleport became another note of interest for the ring master. They would keep him caged and drugged between shows so he wouldn’t be able to teleport. Eventually his mother and brother helped him escape, his mother being murdered in the process.

-Kurt is a very religious person. With everything that happened to him, he found himself in a church where he was not turned away from his frightful appearance. But given sanctuary and guidance from the priest. Kurt came to learn all about the ways of God. He even went through seminary and became an ordained priest for some time before going back to the X-men after a leave of absence.

-He eventually learned that his father was traveling the planar seas and attacking Heaven and Hell themselves. Kurt couldn’t just sit idly by and allow that it to happen. He used his teleportation powers to get to the astral planes and commandeered one of his father’s ships. What better way to fight a pirate than by being a pirate? In his pursuit, Kurt found a group of small demons called Bamfs. He’d seen them before with his father but they were red. These were nothing but shadow until they first teleported and became blue, miniature versions of himself. They had imprinted on him just as the red ones had with Azazel. The group became his crew with even more joining as Kurt traveled. Eventually, his swashbuckling ways earned him the name Dread Pirate Bluetail.

✖ Relationships

Raven: Kurt doesn’t outright hate his mother but their opposing life views have put them at odds more than anything.

Azazel: Now the person Kurt does outright hate is his father. He didn’t care if the man was never there for him, he never wanted him there.

✖ Interview

So, how did you wind up here?

I have been a member of the X-men since Professor Xavier approached me when I left the circus. I have taken leaves of absences now and again in various pursuits. I suppose the Avengers is the next step of my journey.

What were you doing before all of this?

This is very hard to answer briefly. So much has happened in my life that it would take far too long to answer this question in enough proper detail. I suppose it is simply summed up by being a member of the X-men after leaving the circus. Then taking my leave to attend seminary. I returned to the X-men after some time with the priesthood for I missed the family I had come to care much about. And that is a bare minimum.

And what exactly have you been up to recently?

I have just returned from thwarting the plans of my father of overtaking heaven and hell with his armada of pirates. It’s a long story.

Dominikos Ioannis Petrakis ✖ Twenty-six ✖ Alpha ✖ Mercenary ✖ Jared Padalecki
Blog - shakenontherocks

✖ Biography

-Dominikos can generate vibratory waves from his hands that shatter or pulverize small objects, and can cause earthquake-like effects when directed against objects such as buildings. He can move large objects without physical contact; he can also use his power to generate tidal waves. He is also able to send vibratory waves through organic bodies. His powers have evolved to a geokinectic level, causing him to control the earth under his opponent’s feet.

-Dominikos is a naturalized immigrant from Greece and is the cool headed, strategically gifted member of the Brotherhood.

-The best way to describe Dominikos as an alpha, is stern but gentle. He’s a bit rough when keeping some of the more rowdy members in line, but he’ll always be available for cuddling or sex. If a teammate has needs, he’s there to meet them. However, he expects the same commitment from his teammates and that they will meet whatever his needs are, should they arise.

✖ Relationships

St. John Allerdyce- This fiery little demon somehow managed to squirm his way into Dominic’s good graces. They work well when on a team, but sometimes Dominic just needs to shake things up to get this scrawny pyrokinetic to behave.

Raven Darkholme- She’s the boss and the only person Dominic will submit to.

Pietro Maximoff- It can be hard to keep up with this speedster, but take the ground from under him, and he’s pretty easy to handle.

✖ Interview

So, how did you wind up here?

Raven bailed me out of jail and I really have no where else to go. Doesn’t help that the Brotherhood all seem to have joined the Avengers now. Besides, I follow the boss anywhere she goes.

What were you doing before all of this?

I was part of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Of course, my partner at the time left me to fend for myself and I ended up being arrested and put in jail. As much as I would love to bury the little slime ball, it wouldn’t look good to murder someone right after getting out.

And what exactly have you been up to recently?

I was sitting in solitary confinement while waiting for certain teammates of mine to break me out. Wasn’t exactly expecting them to pay the bail money. Whatever, I’m out and that’s all that matters.

MD Kink Bingo Rules

  1. The game officially starts at midnight US Central time on Sunday, June 1st. The game will run a full two months - the last ten days are reserved for straight blackouts, so all threads that go toward a bingo and not a blackout must be started by July 31st. Threads don’t need to be complete by then, but you need to at least have made decent progress in making sure the kink is established in order for it to count toward final tallies.
  2. When you get a bingo, send a message to an admin either here or on Skype with a list of the individual tags for your threads. If you wanna tag all your Kink Bingo threads under a unique tag, we’ll also accept that as long as you have a list of the threads that count toward your bingo.
  3. The game will officially end at midnight US Central time on Sunday, August 1st. The admins will do final tallies over the next two days, and the winners/top posters will be announced here on the main on Tuesday, August 3rd.
  4. Threads do not have to be canon - this means that if you wanna make a thread as a standalone thing that doesn’t apply to your character’s canon story in MD, that’s totally fine. KB threads are all non-canon by default.
  5. Have fun! This event is about mingling muses and making friends, and of course copious amounts of kinky smut so have fun with it! Feel free to jump on Skype and message an admin if you’ve got any questions/concerns/ramblings, and add the tag mdkb2 to your tracked tags so you don’t miss updates and announcements.
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